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Three Lions Football Schedule

This Week’s Football

Monday June 18th  
Sweden [1] vs South Korea [0] 6am
Belgium [3] vs Panama [0] 9am
 Tunisia [1] vs England [2] 12pm

Tuesday June 19th
Colombia [1] vs Japan [2] 6am
Poland [1] vs Senegal [2] 9am
Russia [3] vs Egypt [1] 12pm
Wednesday June 20th   
Portugal [1] vs Morocco [0] 6am
Uruguay [1] vs Saudi Arabia [0] 9am
Iran vs Spain 12pm
Thursday June 21st 
Denmark vs Australia 6am
France vs Peru 9am
Argentina vs Croatia 12pm
Friday June 22nd 
Brazil vs Costa Rica 6am
Nigeria vs Iceland 9am
Serbia vs Switzerland 12pm
Saturday June 23rd
Belgium vs Tunisia 6am
South Korea vs Mexico 9am
Germany vs Sweden 12pm
Sunday June 24th
England vs Panama 6am
Japan vs Senegal 9am
Poland vs Columbia 12pm


Group Stage - Matchday 1 of 3
6/14/18 Opening Ceremony 7am
6/14/18 Russia vs Saudi Arabia 9am

6/15 Egypt vs Urugauy 6am
6/15 Morocco vs Iran 9am
6/15 Portugal vs Spain 12pm
6/16 France vs Australia 4am
6/16 Argentina vs Iceland 7am
6/16 Peru vs Denmark 10am
6/16 Croatia vs Nigeria 1pm
6/17 Costa Rica vs Serbia 6am
6/17 Germany vs Mexico 9am
6/17 Brazil vs Switzerland 12pm
6/18 Sweden vs South Korea 6am
6/18 Belgium vs Panama 9am
6/18 Tunisia vs England 12pm
Group Stage - Matchday 2 of 3
6/19 Colombia vs Japan 6am
6/19 Poland vs Senegal 9am
6/19 Russia vs Egypt 12pm
6/20 Portugal vs Morocco 6am
6/20 Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia 9am
6/20 Iran vs Spain 12pm
6/21 Denmark vs Australia 6am
6/21 France vs Peru 9am
6/21 Argentina vs Croatia 12pm
6/22 Brazil vs Costa Rica 6am
6/22 Nigeria vs Iceland 9am
6/22 Serbia vs Switzerland 12pm
6/23 Belgium vs Tunisia 6am
6/23 South Korea vs Mexico 9am
6/23 Germany vs Sweden 12pm
6/24 England vs Panama 6am
6/24 Japan vs Senegal 9am
6/24 Poland vs Columbia 12pm
Group Stage - Matchday 3 of 3
6/25 Suadia Arabia vs Egypt 8am
6/25 Uruguay vs Russia 8am
6/25 Iran vs Portugal 12pm
6/25 Spain vs Morocco 12pm
6/26 Australia vs Peru 8am
6/26 Denmark vs France 8am
6/26 Nigeria vs Argentina 12pm
6/26 Iceland vs Croatia 12pm
6/27 South Korea vs Germany 8am
6/27 Mexico vs Sweden 8am
6/27 Switzerland vs Costa Rica 12pm
6/27 Serbia vs Brazil 12pm
6/28 Senegal vs Columbia 8am
6/28 Japan vs Poland 8am
6/28 England vs Belgium 12pm
6/28 Panama vs Tunisia 12pm
Round of 16
6/30 TBD vs TBD 8am
6/30 TBD vs TBD 12pm
7/1 TBD vs TBD 8am
7/1 TBD vs TBD 12pm
7/2 TBD vs TBD 8am
7/2 TBD vs TBD 12pm
7/3 TBD vs TBD 8am
7/3 TBD vs TBD 12pm
7/6 TBD vs TBD 8am
7/6 TBD vs TBD 12pm
7/7 TBD vs TBD 8am
7/7 TBD vs TBD 12pm
7/10 TBD vs TBD 12pm
7/11 TBD vs TBD 12pm
Third Place Play-Off
7/14 TBD vs TBD 8am
7/15 TBD vs TBD 9am

Past World Cup Matches Results
Monday June 11th  
Belgium v Costa Rica 12:45pm (International Friendly)
Tuesday June 12th
Poland v Lithuania 10am (International Friendly)
Wednesday June 13th   
Montreal v Orlando 5:30pm (MLS)
Columbus v Atlanta 5:30pm (MLS)
NYRB v Seattle 6pm (MLS)
Toronto v DC 6pm (MLS)
RAPIDS v Chicago 7pm (Home Game/ Buses)
SJ v New England 8:30pm (MLS)
Thursday June 14th  
Russia [5]  v Saudi Arabia [0] 9am
Friday June 15th  
Egypt [0] v Uruguay [1] 6am
Morocco [0] v Iran [1] 9am
Portugal [3] v Spain [3] 12pm
Saturday June 16th
France [2] v Australia [1] 4am
Argentina [1] v Iceland [1] 7am
Peru [0] v Denmark [1] 10am
Croatia [2] v Nigeria [0] 1pm
Sunday June 17th
Costa Rica [0] v Serbia [1] 6am
Mexico [1] v Germany [0] 9am
Brazil [1] v Switzerland [1] 12pm


4th Annual Spring Footgolf Classic

Sunday, May 20 at 3 PM - 8 PM

By Joe Sturges - April 24, 2018

 Registration Ends This Friday, May 18th

Buy your tickets now here:

Our 4th Annual Spring Classic Footgolf Tournament is right around the corner, and this year will be bigger and better than ever! As many of you know, this event is our top fundraising event of the year for our favorite charity. Your participation helps Street Fraternity. Street Fraternity is a place of brotherhood and personal growth for urban young men aged 14-25 yrs old. Their goals are:
1. Attract urban young men's consistent voluntary participation.
2. Gain an understanding of our participants and their backgrounds.
3. Help participants identify their opportunities, challenges, and goals.
4. Build our brotherhood & leadership.
5. Develop positive young men who understand how to balance aggression with respect, integrity, and ethics.
The tournament is a terrific opportunity to support this great cause, while literally having a ball with your friends out at Park Hill Footgolf Course! Did I mention there are prizes awarded to the top golfers?
The Grand Prize for this year's event is:
• Free entry into AO FootGolf Tournament in Orlando
• $35 Three Lions Gift Certificate
• $35 British Bulldog Gift Certificate
• AO Stainless Steel Bottle!
2nd Place Prize:
• $25 gift card from World Soccer Shop
• $25 Three Lions Gift Certificate
• $25 British Bulldog Gift Certificate
3rd Place Prize:
• Qualify for AO FootGolf Open (Labor Day weekend at Disney’s new FG course)
• Qualify for AFGL Magical FootGolf Challenge (also Labor Day weekend, same course)
• $15 Three Lions Gift Certificate
• $15 British Bulldog Gift Certificate
Every Participant:
• AFGL / AO score card
• $10 World Soccer Shop Gift Card
• AO/AFGL Ball Markers
American Outlaws will be sponsoring a bus to Park Hill Golf Course from Three Lions and the British Bulldog!
Last but not least we will be hosting a catered after party at Three Lions, including an ice cold beer on the house for every participant!
The tournament is bound to fill up fast, so don't wait to book your teams spot. Help us support a great cause, and have a blast while doing it!

Learn more about Street Fraternity here: http://streetfraternity.org/

Unable to attend the event? You can donate directly to Street Fraternity here:

Sponsored by:
Three Lions Denver

British Bulldog

American Outlaws Denver

C-38 Supporters Group

Event Supported By:

New Belgium

Sierra Nevada Brewing

Modelo Especial


Glendale Raptors - Major League Rugby Team

Tullamore Dew

Uncle Restaurant

Hop Alley

Goshen Imagery

English Premier League Finals, TV Locations Sun, 5-13-18 @ 8am

By Joe Sturges - May 11, 2018

Sun, 5-13-18 @ 8am
Huddersfield Town vs Arsenal

West Ham vs Everton
Crystal Palace vs West Brom
BEST (1st TV)
Burnley vs Bournemouth
Southampton vs Manchester City
Newcastle vs Chelsea
Liverpool vs Brighton
Swansea vs Stoke
BEST (2nd TV)
Tottenham vs Leicester
Manchester United vs Watford

El Clasico - Barcelona vs Real Madrid - 1245pm!

By Joe Sturges - May 5, 2018

This Sunday, El Clasico - Barcelona vs Real Madrid - 1245pm!!! We look forward to a spectacular match!

6pm Iceland vs Peru

(Intl Friendly)

By Joe Sturges - March 26, 2018

Tuesday March 27th
6pm Iceland vs Peru (Intl Friendly)

Get ready for a very exciting International Friendly!!!

Plan on arriving early as we are expecting a very large crowd!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!