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Three Lions Football Schedule

This Week’s Football

Monday, September 17th
1pm  Southampton vs Brighton & Hove Albion (EPL)

Fish & Chips Lunch Special!!! 11am to Kitchen Close!
$2 off 20oz Fuller's Beer!

Tuesday, September 18th
Barcelona v PSV 10:55am (Champions League)
Liverpool v PSG 1pm (Champions League)

BBQ Pork Hoagie Lunch Special!!! 11am - 3pm!

Wednesday, September 19th
Real Madrid v Roma 1pm (Champions League)
Young Boys v Manchester United 1pm (Champions League)
Valencia v Juventus 1pm (Champions League)
Portland v Columbus Crew 8:30pm (MLS)
San Jose v Atlanta 9pm (MLS)

Chicken Tikka Masal Lunch Special!!! 11am - 3pm!

8pm Geeks Who Drink Trivia!

Thursday, September 20th
POAK v Chelsea 10:55am (Europa League)
Arsenal v Vorskla 1pm (Europa League)
Pastrami Rueben Lunch Special!!! 11am - 3pm!

730pm Parks & Recreation Quiz - Geeks Who Drink Trivia!

Friday, September 21st
Stuttgart v Fortuna Dusseldorf 12:30pm

Pub Burger Lunch Special!!! 11am - 3pm!

Saturday, September 22nd
Fulham v Watford 5:30am (EPL)
Hoffenheim v B. Dortmund 7:30am (Bundesliga)
Cardiff v Manchester City 8am (EPL)
Manchester United v Wolves 8am (EPL)
Brighton v Tottenham 10:30am (EPL)
MLS action starts at 1:30pm
Columbus v Rapids 5:30pm (Away Game Viewing Party)

Sunday, September 24th

West Ham v Chelsea 6:30am (EPL)
Arsenal v Everton 9am (EPL)

Bangers & Mash Special 11am - Kitchen Close! $2 off 20oz Fuller's Beer!

Monday, September 25th

Fish & Chips Lunch Special!!! 11am to Kitchen Close! 
​$2 off 20oz Fuller's Beer!